Cold Front Moves West to East, Bringing Rain and Cooler Temperatures

Posted: September 20, 2021 12:06 pm

The storm that brought heavy precipitation to the West Coast to start the weekend is now starting its journey to the east. This movement means that a large portion of the northern tier of the US will be under the gun for flooding rainfall, severe thunderstorms, and rapidly cooling temperatures as the official arrival of fall happens on Wednesday.

Pacific Northwest Inundated with Rain

The late summer rain pounded much of the Pacific Northwest, socking in Seattle, Portland, and beyond. This rain was welcome news for firefighters trying to get a handle on the continuing wildfires that have plagued the region all summer. In addition to the significant precipitation, the weather pattern also brought much cooler temperatures to the region. While this rain will begin to clear out to start the week, it is clear that the beginning of fall is here.

Moving to the East

The Midwest and Plains states enjoyed one last burst of summer-like warmth over the last several days. However, that is about to change as the front moves quickly to the east, bringing cooler temperatures and the chance for severe weather. Some areas will see dramatic temperature swings of up to 20 degrees between Sunday and Monday

In advance of the cooler air, the front will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to the Upper Plains and Midwest. It will be a stormy start to the workweek in areas such as Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, Wichita, and as far north as Minneapolis. Once the rain moves out on Tuesday, much cooler air will be left in its place.

This weather will push even farther to the east on Tuesday. Cities that need to be ready for relentless rain include Indianapolis and Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to the soaking rain, this region is also at risk for potential thunderstorms firing up.

High Pressure to Slow Down Front

A dome of high pressure currently positioned over the East Coast may hinder the advancement of the cold front by the middle of the week. This stubborn ridge of high pressure will serve to block the speed of the cold front, slowing it down and raising the risk of flooding in the nation’s midsection.

Assuming the high pressure holds and the front stalls, cities such as Pittsburgh may experience new flooding threats by Wednesday. This threat may hang around until Thursday if the front is not able to push through the area quickly enough.


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Once the front treks farther to the east, cities such as New York City and Washington, DC may be dealing with flooding rainfall once again this year. It has been a tough month for this part of the country as rains continue to deluge the water-logged region.

It will likely be Friday or Saturday before this front moves off of the coast and out into the Atlantic Ocean. In its place will be cooler temperatures that signal the arrival of fall.