Heavy Rain and Cooler Temperatures on Tap for Northern California

Posted: September 18, 2022 7:49 am

Cooler and Wetter Weather Welcome Forecast for Fire Crews

Northern California is under the gun for its first significant weather maker in months thanks to a monster storm brewing off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Here is what you can expect in the coming days for this corner of the U.S.

Expansive Area of Low Pressure Moving Onshore

A large area of low pressure is moving to the southeast from the eastern Pacific Ocean, bringing loads of moisture and cooler temperatures to Northern California and beyond. The area of low pressure is forecast to stall before it moves onshore.

For instance, after enjoying gorgeous weather on Saturday, the Bay Area will see a wet and cool Sunday with rainfall amounts predicted to hit about a quarter of an inch in San Francisco. The mercury will top out at about 70 degrees. This rain will expand to the east throughout the day.

Snow Also a Possibility in Sierra Nevada

Not only will the system bring heavy rain to the Golden State but it will also deliver the first chance of snow this season for the highest terrain of the Sierra Nevada. Forecasters are warning that roads may become dicey through the region’s highest passes by Monday night, including State Route 88’s Carson Pass.

Who sees the snow will depend on how far the temperatures plummet as the storm picks up speed. Even if the system is not able to generate enough cold air to trigger meaningful amounts of snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, it is predicted to create rain throughout California.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Drought Monitor, the overwhelming majority of the state is under a designation of at least a severe drought. This drought was made worse by the historic heat wave that ripped across the state to start the month.

Fire Crews Eagerly Await Moisture


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The good news is that the precipitation should bring some relief to fire crews currently battling a number of blazes throughout the region. The Mosquito Fire recently grew into the largest fire in the state this year. Burning to the northeast of the capital city of Sacramento across Placer and El Dorado counties, the fire has now burned over 71,000 acres.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, there have been over 6,400 reported wildfires in the state, totaling an acreage of over 359,000 acres.

Crews will also benefit from the cooling temperatures. After a hot start to September, the mercury has dropped back to normal levels. Meteorologists are warning that the amount of precipitation will make it feel more like winter in some parts of the state heading into next week thanks to the abundance of moisture coming in from the Pacific Ocean.

However, more unseasonable warmth and drier conditions will move into the region to close out the month. In fact, it is likely that some areas of California may once again see record-breaking temperatures by the end of September.

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