Rain and Humidity Back in the Forecast for Much of the East

Posted: May 12, 2022 10:26 am

Humidity Levels Will be What Most People Notice About This Upcoming Weather Pattern

You are not alone if you live on the East Coast and have been rejoicing in the sun and dry conditions of the last few days. After what seemed like endless bouts of dreary weather, the region has been under an abundance of sunshine and warmth. However, an area of low-pressure that refuses to budge off the Atlantic coast will bring a surge of tropical moisture to the area in the coming days, raising the humidity levels and ushering in significant cloud cover.

Area of Low Pressure to Move on Shore to Close Out the Week

This non-tropical area of low pressure has been parked off of the southeastern coastal area over the last few days. The system is expected to move to the west beginning Friday, bringing a tropical feel to the Southeast and beyond. The moisture that is now churning over the Atlantic Ocean will move inland, increasing cloud cover and bringing rain showers to a large part of the Eastern Seaboard for the weekend.

The showers will fire up along the coastal areas on Friday before moving into the interior portions of the region. Rain will be the norm by Friday in a large swath of land stretching from northern Florida into the far reaches of New Jersey.

Humidity Levels Will Shoot Up

Residents will first notice a stark increase in the humidity, particularly when compared to the pleasant conditions that marked the early part of the week. Although the actual temperature readings will not likely be too far above normal for this time of the year, the rapid increase in humidity will make it feel warmer than it actually is. Temperature readings that may fall on Friday and Saturday could rebound to above normal levels on Sunday when the clouds begin to part.

This humidity will be more reminiscent of weather in the middle of the summer versus the middle of May. Because of the forecast humidity levels, there will also be a higher risk of thunderstorm development through the weekend. Humidity in this range has the tendency to trigger storms within large areas of shower activity. The threat of severe weather will move to the north throughout the weekend as the moisture moves in this direction.

Precipitation Chances

The moisture that accompanies this system of low pressure will eventually track farther to the west as the weekend progresses, reaching as far as the Tennessee and Ohio valleys, the Northeast, and the Great Lakes. Although the air temperatures will not be cool as last weekend, the pervasive clouds will keep the mercury suppressed. Residents of the eastern half of the U.S. should also pay attention to the hourly forecast before heading out for outdoor activities on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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The rain may not be a welcome sight on a weekend that typically sees a large proportion of graduation parties and other outdoor events, however, there is no doubt that some parts of the East can certainly use the moisture. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, a significant portion of southern Georgia through the eastern Carolinas are under the designation of dry or severe drought conditions. The rain would be good news heading into the hot summer months.

Detailed Forecast

Wondering how certain cities will fare with the arrival of this non-tropical low? Cities such as Charlotte will see the clouds start to build on Friday with the chance of scattered thunderstorms increasing in the afternoon hours. The Queen City will top out in the mid-70s with a humidity level hovering around 75%. By Saturday, the mercury will hit the low 80s with a continued chance of thunderstorms.

Closer to the coast, it will be only 69 degrees for a high and muggy in Virginia Beach on Friday. The high on Saturday will struggle to top 70 degrees with a humidity level near 80% and scattered rain showers. Sunday will be the day of the weekend in this area with only a slight chance of moisture, partly cloudy skies, and highs around 75 degrees.

In the nation’s capital, it will be much of the same Friday through Sunday. Daily highs will hang out in the 70s, warming into the low 80s by the end of the weekend. There will be a chance of scattered thunderstorms every day with humidity levels making it feel sticky and muggy. This will be an instance where it will be wise to check the hourly forecast before heading out to explore the sites on the National Mall.

The rain will take longer to move into places such as the Ohio Valley. Residents of Cincinnati will enjoy a beautiful day on Friday before the moisture picks up Saturday. The start of the weekend will feature clouds with occasional sun breaks and the chance of scattered thunderstorms. Saturday’s high will reach about 80 degrees with humidity levels around 70%, potentially boosting the real feel well into the 80s or higher.

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