Skincare Tips That You Need for This Fall

Posted: September 22, 2021 1:29 pm

The arrival of fall is here. This may mean big changes to your skin’s appearance. The good news is that there are proactive steps that you can take to protect your skin during this change of season. Taking care of your skin during the fall months will help to prep it to handle the rigors of the dry air and cold temperatures in winter.

Here are a few skincare tips to consider over the next few months.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

With the conclusion of summer, generally comes much drier air. The decreasing humidity levels can result in dry and flaky skin. This makes it important to be diligent about using a daily moisturizer. It is not unusual to have to moisturize with a heavier product during the fall and winter months compared to what you need during the spring and summer. If you do not suffer from oily skin, an oil-based moisturizer is usually better at holding in moisture and keeping your skin soft and dewy.

Do Not Neglect the Sunscreen

Just because you are not out basking in the glorious summer sun, it does not mean that you can ignore your sunscreen routine. Sun damage to your skin should be a concern every day of the year. Even if it does not feel hot outside, you still need to take steps to protect your skin from sun damage. Using a daily moisturizer with a sunscreen built in will help you to remember to guard against those damaging rays.

Avoid Long Baths and Hot Showers

Nothing will sap the moisture right out of your skin faster than a long and hot shower or bath. Once the cooler temperatures begin to infiltrate the area, the skin naturally becomes drier and potentially cracked and itchy. Spending too much time in a hot shower or bath can irritate the skin and lead to more redness and cracking. To avoid this issue, choose cooler water temperatures and be sure to moisturize immediately after you get out of the water so that you seal in the lost moisture.

Choose a Mild Soap

While it may be tempting to dive into those wonderfully fall-scented soaps, it is better to use a mild soap when dealing with the potential of dry skin. A mild soap will not further irritate the skin. At the same time, it will wash away impurities and other environmental nuisances that may clog pores and cause acne to take hold. Washing your face twice daily is a good practice. Doing it more than this may cause dry and flaky skin.

Take Time to Exfoliate

In addition to washing your skin thoroughly, you also should be intentional about exfoliating daily. As dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin and deep into pores, it makes it harder for your moisturizer to penetrate and work its magic. A daily liquid exfoliant will strip away these dead skin cells and unclog pores, making it easier for the moisturizer to relieve dry skin.

Lean on a Humidifier


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The temperature and humidity levels inside your home will also change with the outside weather. Once your central heating system kicks into gear, it is not unusual for humidity to be drawn from the air and from the skin. A humidifier will serve to pump moisture back into the air so that your skin does not suffer the consequences.

Find a Quality Hand Cream

With the onset of cold and flu season, you may also find that you are washing your hands more frequently. This persistent handwashing can easily dry out the skin, making hands cracked and red. After you wash your hands, apply a thick hand cream to build a barrier that will seal in moisture and prevent cracks and calluses. While you are at it, be sure to moisturize your elbows and feet at night before bed.

Nourish Your Body

In addition to paying attention to the products that you put on your body, you also need to be purposeful about the food that you put into your body. Foods that are high in refined carbohydrates are more likely to cause hormone levels to increase, adding to the intensity of acne and other irritable skin conditions. Choosing healthy foods that are full of antioxidants will deliver the best results to your skin. Lastly, it is always important to stay hydrated. Replacing the moisture that you lose to the elements of fall by drinking plenty of water throughout the day can go a long way in keeping your skin full of moisture and looking its best.

As the temperatures and air conditions change with each passing season, so should your skincare routine. These tips will help you to protect and moisturize your skin over the next few months ahead of the harsher winter season.

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