Sun Makes an Appearance for Much of East Coast and Mid-Atlantic on Memorial Day

Posted: May 31, 2021 12:42 pm

After over one year of dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the nation is finally starting to return to normal this Memorial Day weekend. But what will the weather have in store to close out this much-anticipated holiday?

Will the Dreary Weather Lift in the East? It has not been a picture-perfect weekend for the East Coast and mid-Atlantic this Memorial Day holiday. Temperatures hovering up to 20 degrees below normal for this time of the year combined with intermittent rain have paired up to deliver a dreary weekend for much of the eastern half of the US.

The good news is that this cool and wet weather is expected to lift today, helping to salvage what is left of the three-day weekend. High pressure is moving into the area, bringing sunnier skies and milder temperatures.

New England Still Under the Gun: While the majority of the East Coast and the mid-Atlantic will see more pleasant conditions on Memorial Day, the far reaches of New England will still be under the gun for dismal weather. Although the temperature might hit the 60s for Boston on Monday, skies are forecast to remain cloudy with rain possible throughout the day.

Moderate in the Southeast: After baking in the extreme heat all last week, the Southeast is going to see an average weather day on Memorial Day. The water-logged region will also dry out, providing a good day to get outside and enjoy being with friends and family. Break out the barbecue and invite friends and family over to enjoy the pleasant conditions.

Wet in the Central States: The bulk of the nation’s precipitation on Monday will happen in a swath of land stretching from southwestern Texas up through New Mexico, Colorado, western Oklahoma, and most of Kansas. Temperatures will also trend on the cooler side in this region as cloudy skies keep the mercury down. It will be hit and miss throughout the day for outdoor activities.

The Heat is On Out West: The West Coast is just getting started with the unseasonably warm temperatures. While the holiday weekend started with seasonable weather, building high pressure is raising the mercury and ushering in sunny skies for much of the western half of the US.


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Monday is turning out to be a nice day for most areas out west. High temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are predicted to settle in the 60s and 70s for the coastal areas and up into the 90s when traveling east of the Cascade Mountains.

This will be the same story in California with the coastline seeing normal temperatures and a soaring thermometer farther inland. Some of the valley regions of the Golden State may see triple-digit readings. People in these areas taking advantage of the warm and dry conditions should take precautions by applying plenty of sunscreen and being diligent about staying hydrated.

The heat is expected to continue for the majority of the region heading into the beginning of June.