Temperatures to Fall as Much as 20 Degrees in Some Areas of Northeast

Posted: August 11, 2022 12:08 pm

Overnight Lows Also Take a Tumble Through the Weekend

Even though it has been the hottest beginning to the month of August for some cities in the Northeast, that is all about to change as a major cooldown takes root in this corner of the U.S. The cooling trend is forecast to expand in the coming days, reaching as far as the Gulf Coast by the weekend.

Relief from the Heat on the Way for Much of the Eastern U.S.

The slow-moving cool front that has been wreaking havoc in the Appalachians and the Ohio and Tennessee valleys in the form of heavy rain this week has finally made its way to the East Coast. The front is forecast to dip farther to the south by the end of the weekend, bringing cooler temperature readings to much of the eastern half of the U.S. By Wednesday, the front had pushed to the south and the east, triggering the beginning of the major shift in the weather pattern.

The temperature swing will be dramatic in many areas with readings falling as much as 20 degrees by Thursday and Friday when compared to the weather early in the week. For example, Boston experienced readings of at least 95 degrees in the time period stretching from August 4 through August 9. Bean Town hit new daily record highs on four of these six days, speaking to the unusually warm temperatures even for the dog days of summer. This heat marked the hottest start to the month of August ever for Boston.

The cold front had already arrived in Boston by the middle of the week, sending the forecast daily highs into the 70s for the next few days. Rather than feeling like the middle of August, these temperatures will be more typical of what you may see at the beginning of September. While most cooling patterns that develop during the summer generally do not hang around for long, the slow-moving nature of this particular front will translate to a cooling pattern with staying power.

It was also a cooler day in New York City on Wednesday. After recording a reading in Central Park of 97 degrees on Tuesday, the mercury only surged into the mid-80s on Wednesday. The extended forecast predicts that the readings will remain in the upper 70s and low 80s through the weekend.

Across the Hudson River in Newark, New Jersey, the mercury hit the century mark on Tuesday, marking the sixth time this summer that this reading has been reached. While the city will likely reach 90 degrees on Thursday, temperatures in the 80s are on tap for the balance of the week with high readings in the 70s forecast for the beginning of next week.

Humidity Levels and Overnight Lows Also Forecast to Drop Significantly


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In addition to the falling daily highs, the humidity levels are also forecast to continue with the downward trajectory through the weekend. This pattern will make it more comfortable to get outside and do some yard work.

The moderate daytime highs will pair with cooler overnight lows. Most areas of the Northeast, the mid-Atlantic, and the Great Lakes can expect to see the temperature dropping into the 50s and 60s during the overnight hours. It will be cool enough to open the windows at night and give the air conditioning systems a break.

The lows are forecast to tumble even lower across the higher terrains of the central and northern Appalachians. These areas could see lows that fall into the 40s, more indicative of September and October than August.

Cooler Temperatures Forecast to Reach the Gulf Coast by the Weekend

The cool front will push farther to the south late in the week, ushering in the cooler air as far as the Southeast and the Gulf Coast by the weekend. Although the cooldown will not be as noticeable as it was in areas farther to the north, it will still be a welcome relief for a part of the country that has been sweltering in the heat and the humidity.

Like the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic, the arrival of the front will also deliver falling humidity levels. After dealing with high dew points in the 60s and 70s over the last few weeks, this measure of the amount of moisture in the air will drop into the 40s and 50s for most parts of the southeastern U.S.

The lower dew points will bring corresponding lower real feel temperatures. It will be a nice weekend to spend time outside throughout the Carolinas and beyond. Areas as far south as Atlanta may get in on the cooling action with the lower dew points.

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