Two Cold Fronts to Usher in Cooler Temperatures in the Midwest Over the Weekend

Posted: May 14, 2022 9:28 am

Heat to Remain Throughout Southern Plains

Temperatures reached record-breaking levels this week in many parts of the southern Plains and the Midwest. Speaking to the dramatic departure from normal, some parts of the nation’s heartland notched temperatures that were hotter than Death Valley this week.

Looking Back at the Week

The heat began to set in on Tuesday, continuing to build throughout the week before finally starting to cool on Friday. States such as Colorado, Kansas, Texas, and Illinois all saw temperatures reach up to 20 degrees above normal for the middle of May. For example, Chicago saw its first 90-degree day of 2022 on Wednesday, breaking the previous record for the day of 89 degrees. In a typical year, the first 90-degree reading of the season does not happen until June 10. The Windy City saw another day in this range when the mercury hit 91 degrees on Thursday.

It was much of the same in Colorado. Colorado Springs broke a record of 87 degrees set in 1961 when it recorded a temperature of 91 degrees. Surprisingly, it was even hotter moving farther to the north. Temperatures in Nebraska neared the 100-degree mark on Wednesday, approximately 25 degrees warmer than average.

An increase in humidity levels made the real feel temperature feel even warmer in a large area stretching from the Gulf Coast all the way into the Upper Midwest.

It was the opposite on the West Coast when a dip in the jet stream kept temperatures on the cooler side. For example, the high for Wednesday was only 78 degrees in Death Valley, California.

What Does the Weekend Have in Store?

The warmth expanded into the eastern part of the U.S. on Friday, setting up a warm Saturday for New England and the Great Lakes. However, a cold front is forecast to bring in a mass of cooler air to much of the northern Plains and Midwest on Saturday. While the heat will stay in position across the southern Plains, the mercury will begin to cool in areas to the north.


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After a slight cooling trend on Friday and Saturday for the Midwest, an additional cold front will send the readings even lower on Sunday. For instance, after seeing widespread temperatures in the 90s during the middle of last week, some parts of the middle of the country will struggle to get out of the 60s.

A cold front is expected to arrive from the north on Sunday, sending temperatures back to more normal levels for the middle of May. While the mercury will still remain in the 80s for southern New England and the mid-Atlantic, it will cool throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes to usher in the new work week. Moisture in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley will keep the temperatures suppressed as well.

Still Sizzling in the Southern Plains for the Weekend

One area that will still experience the heat for the weekend is across the southern Plains, including all of Texas. The high in Dallas will soar into the upper 90s on Saturday with brilliantly sunny skies. Now is the time to open the backyard pool if you have not already done so. The temperatures in Texas are forecast to remain in the 90s throughout next week with some areas of the Lone Star state seeing readings of 10 to 15 degrees above normal.

The sun will also be shining with temperature readings hovering in the 80s throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas. You will need to travel farther to the north into the heart of the Midwest to see any dramatic cooldown at the hands of the cold front.

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