Warmup in Northeast Will Not Last Long with More Cold on the Way

Posted: November 17, 2021 11:03 am

After a cold snap to start the week, residents of the Northeast are once again enjoying moderate temperatures. However, this roller coaster of temperatures is about to go on another ride with an additional shift by the end of the week. How will you be affected by this push and pull? Read on for more information.

Cold Weather Pattern Brings Snow

It was a drastic shift in temperatures on Tuesday and into Wednesday for much of the region. The weather at the beginning of the week sent people scrambling to pull out their winter wear as temperatures dropped below freezing in many areas of the Great Lakes and Northeast.

In addition to the drop in mercury, a large part of the East Coast was recovering from an active weekend that brought torrential rain, severe thunderstorms, and even the rare November tornado. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), there were at least nine confirmed twisters on Saturday.

Right on the heels of the severe weather on Saturday, the arrival of an Alberta clipper ushered in snow to the Great Lakes and Northeast. Some areas of northeastern Ohio and the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania saw up to five inches of snow by early Monday.

Temperatures throughout the Northeast and into the mid-Atlantic are hovering at about 3 to 6 degrees below average for the second week of November. For example, although New York City and Philadelphia generally see daytime highs in the middle 50s during mid-November, the thermometer struggled to hit 50 degrees on Tuesday.

There will still be a bit of lingering precipitation hanging around the eastern tier of the US on Wednesday. The areas most likely to see isolated snow include upstate New York and the northern half of New England.

Warmup to Begin on Thursday

Those who do not like the cold are in luck. After the Alberta clipper exits the area, a strong ridge of high pressure is expected to follow right behind it. While this will raise the risk of lake-effect snowfall as the winds shift, it will also bring in warmer temperatures by Thursday.


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The warmth will begin to expand throughout the Northeast on Thursday, delivering high temperatures back up into the 60s. New York City will be basking in the warmth with a high of about 65 degrees, a reading of around 10 degrees above normal. Philadelphia may hit as high as 70 degrees once this high pressure settles in.

Farther north, Boston will also enjoy temperatures well into the 60s on Thursday. This is a significant departure from the average high of 51 degrees on November 18.

As the winds shift to the south and southwest, the mild air from the Southeast and Gulf Coast will be brought northward.

Cold Back in the Forecast to Close Out the Week

Do not put those coats away for long. The warmth is not expected to hang around for long. A new cold front will arrive Friday, bringing another drastic shift downward in the temperatures. The front will rush into the region with the chance of showers in the overnight hours on Thursday.

The high temperatures to close out the week will bounce around in the 40s and 50s throughout the busy populated Interstate 95 corridor.

Another Round of Lake-Effect Snow

Along with the chill in the air, there will be more lake-effect snow on tap for the Great Lakes region. Although the water in the Great Lakes and the road surface temperatures are still relatively warm, motorists need to be ready for slushy snow to accumulate on the roadways.

This accumulation will be most likely in southwestern Michigan, northeastern Ohio, and northwestern Pennsylvania. In addition, the higher terrains of southern New York and western Maryland and West Virginia may also be in for some accumulating snow to end the week.

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