Cool Front to Bring Relief From Heat and Rain to the Southeast and Beyond

Posted: August 1, 2021 10:47 am

Cooler Temperatures by Monday for the Southeast

Although the temperature will be turned up again this weekend across the Southeast, the heat will finally begin to dissipate by early week as wet weather makes its appearance.

Weekend Heat Gives Way to Cooler Temperatures

The heat will continue throughout the South until the weekend comes to a close. The weekend kicked off with some heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in place throughout a dozen states, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and beyond. Mercury readings will hover in the 90s for most places with some regions approaching the century-mark as the heat builds.

However, this weather pattern will begin to change on Sunday as a cool front comes in from the north. While this cool air mass will bring relief to those who have grown weary of the heat over the last few days, this clash of air also has the potential to set off severe weather along the mid-Atlantic coast to close out the weekend.

Temperature Swing by Monday

There will be a noticeable difference in the temperature starting on Monday. Average highs will swing down by about 10 to 15 degrees over much of the Southeast. Rather than broiling in the high 90s, some cities will see readings in the mid-80s. While the majority of the Upper Plains, Northeast, and West have been experiencing extreme heat this summer, the South had been enjoying moderate temperatures this summer up until the last few days when the mercury soared.

Front to Bring Precipitation

In addition to the cooler temperatures, the arrival of this front will also deliver a greater chance of precipitation stretching throughout the entire week. This front is forecast to stall over the region, meaning that this rain may stick around for a while.

The greatest risk of persistent rainfall will fall along the Florida Panhandle and up to the Outer Banks of the Carolina coast. This stretch of land may see accumulating rainfall totals of up to eight inches by the time the week is over.


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Although the threat of rain will persist throughout the week, the rain will most frequently fall in the afternoon and evening hours. This is also the time of the day that will see the highest threat of severe weather as storms fire up during the late afternoon hours. Residents throughout the Southeast and mid-Atlantic need to stay on top of local weather forecasts if they have outdoor plans this week.

The threat of flash flooding will also increase this week because the rain is predicted to persist for days, saturating the grounds and allowing water to pool on roadways. In addition, this rain is forecast to fall in areas that have already seen a lot of precipitation this summer. This makes these areas susceptible to more flooding.

Showers Move to the North

The rain socking in the Southeast will shift to the north as the week goes on. This movement will bring the chance of moisture up the I-95 corridor, making it likely that Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston all see rain later in the week.

This weather pattern will also boost humidity levels up and down the East Coast. The threat of severe weather could also alter travel plans.