Father’s Day Forecast Delivers Heat to Some and Drastic Cooling to Others

Posted: June 18, 2022 5:25 pm

More Rain on the Way for Flooded Yellowstone National Park

Wondering what your Father’s Day weather forecast will look like? Here is your forecast for the day.

Heat is Back on in Central U.S.

A northward bulge in the jet stream will bring the unseasonably hot temperatures of last week back to the Midwest and northern Plains for the weekend, making Father’s Day another scorcher. While there will be plenty of sunshine to celebrate dad on Sunday in places such as Omaha, the stifling heat may have you racing indoors. Omaha is forecast to see a high of 98 degrees on Sunday with the overnight low only dropping to 77 degrees. These readings will challenge records for the day.

It will be much of the same in the southern Plains. The Dallas metroplex will likely fall just shy of the century mark with mostly sunny skies leading the way. Cities such as Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and Little Rock will also be hanging out in the 90s for the day with an abundance of sunshine to go around for everyone.

Cooler Out West

It will be the opposite weather pattern out West as cooler than usual temperatures will be the norm on Father’s Day. The unseasonably cool readings will continue in the Pacific Northwest, leaving residents wondering if summer will ever arrive. Although the rain from Saturday is expected to let up in the Seattle area, the Emerald City will not climb out of the low 60s for the day with a thick cloud cover keeping the temperatures well below average for the middle of June. Portland will see almost identical conditions with the temperature climbing just slightly higher for the day.

San Francisco can expect to see a high of near 70 degrees with clear conditions. As is typical for this time of the year, it will be markedly warmer the farther inland that you get. For instance, the temperature will land near 80 degrees in San Jose.

After seeing downright chilly temperatures on Friday and Saturday, the Central Valley of California will begin to see the mercury start to rise once again on Sunday. Sacramento will jump about 10 degrees from Saturday’s high with a reading of about 87 degrees on tap.

The warmup will hold off another day for Southern California. Downtown Los Angeles is forecast to see a high of about 77 degrees on Sunday. Do not get too used to these moderate readings. The mercury is expected to begin its upward trajectory on Monday with highs once again soaring into the 80s. San Diego will also be a great place to be with highs of about 70 degrees in the forecast.

Forecast for Interior West

The cooler weather will expand farther into the interior West on Sunday. Boise, Idaho will feel relief from the usual warmth of June with a high of just 71 degrees and partly cloudy skies on Sunday. It will also be noticeably cooler in Salt Lake City, forecast to see a high of 79 degrees. This will undoubtedly be a welcome relief for most residents after last week’s intense heat.

Unfortunately for the National Park Service (NPS), more rain is on the way late Sunday for Yellowstone National Park. The oldest national park in the nation was forced to close its gates last week because of unprecedented flooding. This corner of Montana and Wyoming is forecast to see more rain start up Sunday with cooler temperatures to go along with it. Monday will bring even cooler and wetter weather as authorities work to repair bridges and roads damaged during the flooding.

Moderate Conditions in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

The Northeast will also see a continuation of the dramatic cooldown that has been in place for the weekend. New York City will warm slightly from Saturday’s readings with a high of 75 degrees in the forecast for the day. This moderate temperature paired with the sunny skies will make it a great day to head to Central Park or another outdoor activity with dad to celebrate the day.

It will be even cooler in areas north with places such as Boston struggling to get out of the 60s on Sunday. Cloud cover will keep the temperature suppressed in this part of New England. Overnight lows in Boston will drop into the mid-50s on Sunday night before temperatures rebound back into the 70s for the bulk of the work week.

It will be a pleasant day through much of the mid-Atlantic on Father’s Day. Washington, D.C. is forecast to see a high of about 78 degrees with clear blue skies. Headed to check out some colonial history in Williamsburg, Virginia? You can expect to see temperatures in the low 80s with lots of sunshine.

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