Flash Flooding a Concern for New England as More Rain Moves Into Region

Posted: September 18, 2023 3:00 pm

New England has not had time to catch its breath after being pummeled by the remains of what was once Hurricane Lee and now another storm system is taking aim at the region. The coastal storm is set to bring substantial rain and more flooding concerns to New England to start the week. Here is what you need to know about this soggy forecast.

Coastal Storm to Dump Significant Rain in New England

The storm system is moving up the coast from the mid-Atlantic region and into New England. The system will usher in even more moisture to an area that is still cleaning up from Lee’s impacts. You can expect the rain to fall on both Monday and Tuesday, delivering between 1 – 2 inches of precipitation to portions of Rhode Island, Connecticut, eastern Massachusetts, and the southeastern corners of Vermont and Maine.

The state of Maine was hit the hardest by Lee, making this part of the region the most susceptible to flooding. Parts of coastal and eastern Maine recorded up to 6 inches of rain as a result of Lee. This means that the ground can only take on about an inch more of moisture before flash flooding becomes a serious concern.

Cooler Temperatures to Accompany Rain

While the mid-Atlantic and interior portions of the Northeast will not see as much rain out of this weather maker, this part of the East Coast will experience slightly cooler temperatures to start the new work week. For instance, the high will top out at 72 degrees in places such as Pittsburgh.

In addition to flash flooding being a worry in Maine, parts of Connecticut, eastern Massachusetts, and Rhode Island will also be in this danger zone. This part of southern New England had picked up well over the average amount of rain for this time of the year even before Lee impacted the area.

The hardest hit areas of central and eastern Massachusetts were under flash flood emergencies just a week ago when rainfall of nearly one foot came down in a span of just eight hours. This massive amount of precipitation has made the grounds and waterways more likely to flood. This is especially true for low-lying areas and those communities with poor drainage.

It is going to be a slog of a commute both Monday morning and afternoon for a large portion of the Interstate 95 corridor from Philadelphia and up through Boston. The heavy rain could impede visibility and create standing water problems.

The rain will continue to move to the northeast throughout the day. Conditions will dry out from south to north, meaning that the areas located farther down the corridor may see a more pleasant evening commute home.

Drier and Sunny Conditions in Extended Forecast

An area of high pressure is forecast to come in after the storm moves out of the Northeast and England. As such, you can expect sunny and dry conditions to highlight the forecast for the middle of the week. The mercury will also be on the upswing thanks to this area of high pressure.

Some cities in the interior Northeast could see readings that inch slightly above the historical average for the middle of September. The next cooldown is not expected until Thursday or Friday. Until then, it should be a nice stretch of days to get out and enjoy the early fall weather.

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