Severe Weather the Norm in the Central U.S. With New System Bearing Down

Posted: April 19, 2022 9:51 am

More Severe Weather Headed That Way for the Weekend

It is safe to say that spring severe weather season is in full swing throughout much of the U.S. The central and eastern portions of the country are set to welcome more rounds of severe weather this week, beginning late Tuesday. Here is what you need to know as you plan your week.

Clash of Two Competing Weather Systems to Fuel Storm Development

A storm system that is building over the Rockies is forecast to come down from the mountains late Tuesday and move to the east throughout the day Wednesday. This system will merge with the warm and moist air that is moving north from the Gulf of Mexico. As the warm air merges with the cool air coming down from the Rockies, the conditions will be in place to fire up severe thunderstorms in the central U.S.

The timing makes Wednesday the most likely day for thunderstorms to develop in this part of the country. The areas most likely to be hit with severe weather include northern Texas, eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and southern Missouri. Heavy rain will lead to the risk of localized flash flooding. Strong winds and large hail are also potential dangers of this weather event.

This area of the country’s midsection has already been at the mercy of multiple rounds of severe weather this spring. In addition to tornadic activity, this zone has also been hit with multiple hail storms and damaging winds.

Warm Temperatures to Follow Storm Threat

The warm and humid air coming up from the Gulf to start the week and ignite the storms is expected to stick around even after the severe weather threat has passed by Thursday. While the warmth will first settle in over the Plains states, it will begin to expand to the east as the week continues.

The mercury will hover in the mid-70s in an area stretching from St. Louis through the Mississippi Valley and into Nashville and Atlanta. Areas farther to the south, such as Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Austin, will see temperatures readings in the 80s and possibly the low 90s. The Southeast should see the warming temperatures by the end of the week and into the weekend.

More Severe Weather for the Weekend a Strong Possibility

Anyone who has lived in this part of the country in the spring knows that the persistent warm weather will be the impetus for more severe weather in the days to come. A new system that is predicted to move southward as it crosses the Rockies by the end of the week will bring another chance of severe weather for the weekend to the central part of the country.

Unlike the severe weather on Wednesday that is fairly local, this late week threat will encompass a larger amount of land. Cities in the line of fire to see severe weather beginning late Friday include Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines, and Minneapolis.

The risks of this weather system will be dependent on how quickly it intensifies and how much warm air it can suck up from the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters are warning that the weekend could deliver a number of severe weather threats, ranging from heavy rains to tornadoes. Be sure to stay on top of your local forecast heading into the weekend if you live in the potential impact zone.

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