Stray Showers Cannot be Ruled Out in London in Coming Days as Mourners Line Up for Miles

Posted: September 16, 2022 10:42 am

Thousands of people are traveling from all over the world to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state at Westminster Hall in London. As is typical for this time of the year for the capital city of the United Kingdom, the weather has been chilly and rainy. However, forecasters are predicting that conditions will improve in the coming days, making it more pleasant to wait in the queue that is stretching for miles. Here is what the weather forecast has in store for London for this weekend and beyond.

Stray Shower a Possibility on Friday and Saturday

Although the weather was pleasant on Wednesday when the Queen’s coffin was moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, the conditions deteriorated somewhat on Thursday with cooling temperatures and scattered showers. Mourners lined up for up to nine hours for the opportunity to view the decorated casket containing the Queen’s body placed on a platform in the hall. The hall will be open for 24 hours a day until the morning of the funeral service.

Officials estimate that about 750,000 will pass through the hall to say their goodbyes to Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Because the lines are predicted to stay long throughout the weekend, weather will undoubtedly be a factor in how mourners will be able to withstand the wait.

The good news is that drier weather is on the way for London. The conditions on Thursday were a harbinger of things to come with the mercury hitting the upper 60s during the afternoon hours. This is a few degrees above normal for the middle of September for southern England. The overnight temperatures are forecast to drop into the mid-40s in the coming days as people queue up outside to hopefully avert some of the crowds during the daytime hours.

Those waiting in line may also be treated to some sunshine on Friday through Monday. However, you cannot rule out the chance of a stray shower on Friday or Saturday. It is a good idea to pack an umbrella or a raincoat as a precaution.

Chance of Windy Conditions

There is also the chance that the winds could pick on Friday if the rain begins to come down. Forecasters are predicting the chance of breezy conditions with winds between 10 and 20 mph.

While the most likely chance of a stray shower will be on Friday and Saturday, there is also a chance of a bit of rain on Sunday. For a country that sees rain 43% of the year, you can never be too prepared when spending a lengthy amount of time outside.

Cooling Temperatures on Sunday with High Pressure on the Way for Monday

The temperatures will also cool slightly by Sunday with readings not expected to climb out of the lower 60s. The morning of the funeral will dawn relatively calm and dry with a mix of sun and clouds. The temperature is also expected to increase slightly on Monday when compared to Sunday.

The improvement in the forecast will be at the hands of an area of high pressure that is forecast to build up to start the week. However, the weather pattern will also encourage the development of low clouds and fog in the morning hours early in the week.

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