Sunshine State to See Dreary Conditions Heading Into Thanksgiving

Posted: November 21, 2022 12:48 pm

Forecasters Will Not Rule Out Chance for Tropical Development in Coming Week

Vacationers headed to Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday week may be a bit disappointed with the weather conditions. While the weather is expected to improve by the end of the week, the first few days could spell trouble with torrential downpours in the forecast.

Drenching Rain to Impact Florida Through Wednesday

Florida will be anything but the Sunshine State through Wednesday. The constant rain will certainly put a damper on plans to head to the beach or the theme parks during this busy vacation week. Travel may also be disrupted as a result of the inclement conditions.

The rain is being blamed on a disturbance that has set up shop over the region, creating heavy rain showers until at least Wednesday. The rain started in earnest on Sunday, impacting a large swath of the peninsula stretching across major metropolitan areas, including Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.

You will be hard-pressed to find pockets of sunshine over the next few days. Be sure to pack an umbrella or poncho if you are headed out to explore all the outdoor fun that Florida has to offer. Checking the hourly forecast may also come in handy if your goal is to dodge the showers. A general 1 – 3 inches of rain is in the forecast for much of the state. The only part of Florida that may escape the heavy rain will be the southwestern corner, the area that was ravaged by Hurricane Ian less than two months ago.

Travel May be Impacted as Thanksgiving Approaches

Travelers using Florida’s airports should be ready for weather related delays. Roadways may also become congested with heavy rain and the potential of ponding water. This consistent precipitation will increase the risk of hydroplaning along some portions of interstates 4, 10, 75, and 95.

The good news is that the risk of flooding will be generally low because the rain is predicted to be spread out over a period of a few days. However, urban and low-lying areas may see some isolated flooding events. The basin along St. Johns River may also be at risk of flooding due to the higher than normal water levels thanks to recent tropical weather.

The rain is not a welcome sight for Floridians that are still cleaning up after September’s Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole just a few weeks ago. The eastern beaches are also dealing with concerns of high-tide flooding due to recent beach erosion.

The west coast of Florida may also see rough seas in the coming days because of the unsettled weather pattern. For instance, a small craft advisory is in effect through late Monday for many areas of this stretch of coastline due to gusty winds and rough seas.

The actual Thanksgiving holiday is forecast to usher in drier conditions. While some scattered showers may linger across the state, Thursday should be mainly dry for the bulk of the state.

Odds of Tropical Weather to Close Out Hurricane Season?

Many Floridians may be wondering about the chances of more tropical weather as the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season officially comes to a close on November 30. As of now, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has not ruled out any additional areas of tropical development. Should a new named storm form, it will take the name Owen.

The greatest threat of tropical development will be in the western portion of the Caribbean Sea. This is because of a long-range forecast of warmer than usual sea surface temperatures pairing with the prediction of low wind shear in the region toward the end of the month.

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