Pacific Northwest Sees Temperatures Climb While Grey and Cool Weather Pervades Southern California

Posted: June 6, 2023 9:59 am

It will be a mixed bag of weather throughout the western U.S. this week with building heat in some areas and the typical “June gloom” taking hold in other parts of the region. What can you expect for your neck of the woods? Read on for all of the details of this forecast.

Pervasive Area of June Gloom for Southern California

It will be the usual June gloom taking hold along the coastal regions of Southern California this week with severe storms predicted for a large area stretching from the interior portions of the state into the Rocky Mountains.

The marine layer will set up across coastal Southern California, encompassing cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego with gray skies and a persistent chance of moisture coming in from the Pacific Ocean.

Residents of Southern California are no stranger to the marine layer, however, this current version may seem a bit gloomier than usual. The weather partner is marked by persistent low clouds that create vast patches of fog and sporadic drizzle along the coastal areas.

While the June gloom is more pronounced closest to the coast, the dreariness can stretch several miles inland. The worst of the gloom happens during the morning hours with most areas seeing the sun peak out by later in the afternoon.

In addition, a strong breeze is forecast to filter inland from the Pacific Ocean, keeping temperatures slightly below average for the week.

For instance, highs in the Los Angeles area will hover in the upper 60s and the low 70s over the next few days, approximately 5 to 10 degrees below the historical average for the second week of June.

Heat is Turned Up in the Northwest

It will be a different story up the coast heading into the Pacific Northwest. Heat is expected to build through the middle of the week, bringing much warmer temperature readings to parts of Northern California and up into Oregon and Washington.

A breeze flowing in the opposite direction of the one in Southern California will bring warmer air from the interior portions of the West, sending the mercury on an upward climb.

Highs in eastern Washington will land in the upper 80s through at least Thursday, a departure of about 15 degrees. Portland will soar into the upper 80s and low 90s over the next few days before the temperature begins to moderate by the end of the week.

Seattle will also enjoy readings in the 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday before a slight cooldown takes place beginning Thursday.

Although there are no major instances of consistent moisture in the forecast for the Northwest, you cannot rule out a stray thunderstorm forming near the jet stream level. Unfortunately, these weather events will not deliver any significant rain for the drought-stricken areas in Washington and Oregon.

Instead, the chance of lightning could spark wildfires across the abnormally dry terrain in the Pacific Northwest.

There is a greater chance of rain moving into the middle of June and beyond. This is when more storms tend to build in the Pacific Ocean and come on shore.

Who Will See the Rain This Week Out West?

While the Northwest is forecast to be left largely high and dry this week, much of California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona may see some thunderstorm action.

These storms will be the result of a weather maker in the upper-level of the atmosphere that is forecast to take hold over the Desert Southwest this week. The Sierra Nevada foothills will see the bulk of the activity before the storms move into the San Joaquin Valley.

The moisture flowing inland from the Pacific will pair with the wind shear triggered by the upper-level storm system to produce thunderstorms across interior portions of the Golden State on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

This impact zone includes the cities of Redding and Sacramento.

The storms may extend as far east as Reno, Nevada. Potential risks associated with Tuesday’s weather events include flash flooding and strong winds.

Abnormal Amount of Moisture for This Time Period

This portion of California and Nevada does not generally see significant rain during the month of June, a time period sandwiched between the wet winter season and the beginning of the North American monsoon season.

For instance, the state capital of Sacramento typically only records 0.23 of an inch of rain throughout the entirety of June. This week’s weather could deliver that and more over just a day or two.

Other parts of the region that could see multiple days of rain showers or thunderstorms include San Francisco, Fresno, and Salt Lake City. You will also want to be on the lookout for an isolated storm or two firing up in the deserts near and in Las Vegas and Phoenix.

This weather maker will eventually spread its moisture into the interior West. This could mean the chance of heavy rain across the Rocky Mountains and the other high terrains of the Intermountain West.

This good dose of moisture could send stream levels rising further in combination with the usual spring thaw that is happening over the high country.

Forecasters note that any moisture that falls this week across the West will fall as rain. Only the extreme high elevations are in danger of seeing snow.

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